We made the news where??

I’m not kidding — the Tennessee Senate race has now made news in Australia.

Entitled “Australia ‘a nuclear threat’,” the article cites Harold Ford Jr. as a threat to that country:

[I]f Mr Ford, already a US congressman, wins his bid to become a more powerful senator, Australia had better watch out.

Because according to Mr Ford, Australia has an interest in nuclear weapons and is part of the broader nuclear threat to the US.

My parents are on their way home from Australia as we speak — it will be good to have them home again. They always seem to go on foreign vacations when the world is least stable.

The article really made me step back and think: the premise of the Democratic takeover is that, in theory, Republicans haven’t handled international relations very well. So, Democrats who inflame friendly nations are going to promote something better?

I understand the “throw the bums out” mentality, only in my case, it’s “throw the extremists out” — the ones from the far ends of both parties. Put in some closer to the middle, who can work together on the things that really matter to most people.

1 thought on “We made the news where??

  1. Did you actually read the quote they interpreted as Ford saying that Australia is a threat? Do you just repeat the propaganda that fits your prejudices? The idea that Ford thinks that Australia is a military threat to the US is pure invention.

    I’m disappointed, netmom. When it comes to local politics, your critical thinking skills are certainly sharp. When it comes to regional, national or international politics, though, they seem to abandon you.

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