The Last Long Day

It’s the last “long” day for a while, as the time changes tonight and darkness will arrive before suppertime.

Alpha is home for the weekend, and reports that her English teacher has been all over the racism in the notorious “call me” ad. Alpha had to ask if I thought it racist (I don’t), and why some people think it is.

This morning, I ran across a quote by AC Kleinheider at Volunteer Voters that sums it up perfectly:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Racial appeals do not work on white voters anymore. Whites will respond racially to oversensitivity, however.

Whether there is racism in this ad is almost besides the point politically. White voters by and large will not see racism in this ad and they will view all the talk as such as an overreaction. They will ascribe this oversensitivity to the Ford campaign whether it is Ford or his direct acolytes who say it or not.

The ad was, of course, juvenile and perhaps in poor taste, but it garnered national exposure and hit several issues that resonate with Tennessee voters (death tax, marriage tax, gun control) in a way that got the point across. The only thing the bunny achieved was to make the ad famous, and pick up numerous free airings on national news media.

* * *

The Vols take on South Carolina tonight at 7:45 in Columbia; one can’t help but wonder whether the matchup is more about the teams, or their coaches. In any case, if Tennessee can best the Gamecocks and if Florida loses to anyone (playing Georgia tonight, Vandy next week, and South Carolina on the 11th), Tennessee can still go to the SEC championship.

That’s always fun.

9 thoughts on “The Last Long Day

  1. I found the FORD ad very racist. In the past it would be very out front and intimidate your opposition.

    Now it is very subtle, Have you noticed how FORD was made to look as though he was not a family man. I still see this actress pretending to be a Playboy Bunny asking Ford to visit. It is ironic and suggestive that our society is. For many of the Playboy bunnies are actually professionals but not from a sexual standpoint but as anything there are exceptions. I still remember the years in Memphis and at times I felt time I was still in the Civil War ERA with people that you could identify as white plantation owners.

    Have you noticed how all of a sudden Corker has become Family man with his Wife and daughters expressing Corker as an Honest man. Do you think FORD is any less. I would expect no less. It is ironic how opposition has made light of Ford standing in
    his Church talking about his family history. But people of FORD and Corker’s generation had a tradition ofChuch afiliation in their family history.

    I guess what scares me is the potential of insider deals that voters do not know about happening. And I bet Corker has some great plans instore for Voters…why else would he be placing millions of his own money to support his cause. I keep thinking about the promise that Parker Hardy made to the fitness center CEO about Tax abatements to locate in Oak Ridge.

    It almost ranks with WAL-MARTS 99 year Covenent
    of Protection for its business. As long as the citizens us a measuring stick of I met so and so and he seems to be a nice person when we as citizens did not know anything about CORKER until he popped on the scene for this election.

    FORD has been around for years so people should be able to determine his integrity if they choose.

  2. From the Volunteer Voters web site:

    “Kleinheider started his “paleoconservative” weblog, Hard Right, in March 2005 and has been immersed in the blogosphere ever since. His writings have appeared in, and InReview, Nashville’s now-defunct City Weekly.”

    Heh. And he’s your go-to source for whether a Republican ad is racist?

  3. MC: “… when we as citizens did not know anything about CORKER until he popped on the scene” Actually, Corker ran in the primary for that Senate seat in 1994. Some of us actually paid attention back then, and followed his subsequent performance in public service.

    Joel: Kleinheider is what he is, but the quote that I pulled from him is no less accurate in terms of how Tennesseans think. Your assumption that a hard-line conservative has no credentials in a discussion of racism is a sad showing of your own prejudice.

  4. “Your assumption that a hard-line conservative has no credentials in a discussion of racism is a sad showing of your own prejudice.”

    No, netmom, this isn’t really a discussion of racism. It is a discussion about a Republican political ad. My experience teaches me that a hard-line conservative is unlikely to be an objective source concerning a Republican ad. Your assumption that he can is a predictable showing of your own prejudice.

  5. netmom –evidently it took millions of dollars to gain recognition for Corker. The news media has not bothered nor campaigners to mention his race in 94. I wondered if anyone remembered.

    Frist has had his moments of Stupidity along with his life saving moments.

    Will money define our country in the next generation?

    I thought that it was ironic that the new daylight savings time to start 3 weeks earlier next year is payback for candy makers.
    So, kids can do more trick or treating next year.

    Evidently, we are not talking about thousands of dollars but millions.

  6. Mr. Corker continues to prove everyday that he is two things, 1) a very wealthy man and 2) a puppet for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

    Mr. Corker used MILLIONS of dollas in his own money to fund a large portion of his campaign. It appears that the bulk of the difference in spending between Corker and Ford is the money from Corker supporting his own campaign. I am afraid my question is why? I suspect he fully expect payback on that investment, and with a trip to the U.S. Senate become an even wealthier man.

    It also appears that Mr. Corker is unable to tell his puppet masters at RNC to stop. He supposedly asked repeatedly for the RNC to stop certain TV ads that were, at best, improper, and the RNC said NO! What will he be like if he cannot tell the RNC no if he would be in the Senate? The RNC supposedly acted against the approval of the candidate? I have serious problem if the candidate does not have control on his\her campaign.

    I also have a total lack of trust in anyone that was involved in the Sundquist administration. Too much scandel and too much of the “to hell with what the people want” attitude in the Sundquist years at the state house.

    I cannot bring myself to vote for Bob Corker because it looks and feels like he and the Republican party are trying to buy a Senate seat.

  7. Dennis, some might say the same thing about not being able to vote for Ford because it looks like Hollywood and other out of state influences are trying to buy a senate seat — to the tune of 80% of Ford’s funding.

  8. It’s simple. If you are satisfied with the way things are going = vote corker.
    If you want change and a new direction Vote FORD!
    Corker is another STAY THE COURSE candidate. He’ll be just another bush rubber stamp.
    The republicans are hoping the people of TN will fall for the lies and deception of their latest campaign ads. Come on TN, we can do better.
    I was a republican and voted for bush in 2000. I am ashamed now that I ever voted republican.

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