What happened…

TotalChoiceHosting, with a marvelous 99.7% uptime, sort of had a meltdown over the last couple of days. The server that this blog resides on went down yesterday morning, and was back up by noon… but sometime after 8 p.m. they restored all the sites from a backup made a week ago.

So, I lost everything posted between Oct. 21 and Oct. 26. I’ve already summarized the post on Monday’s BEP Review Committee meeting, which was the only really important item of the week.

I’ve learned my lesson about daily backups.

3 thoughts on “What happened…

  1. Actually, I do… I’ve hosted various sites with them for six years or so, and this is the first outage ever (that I know of). And, their customer service team was quick to respond to my queries.

    I just kind of wished they’d warned me they were going to restore from an older backup… I could have backed mine up before they did so, and not lost the week’s posts.

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