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The question of whether to allow the Div. II Sessions Court to move from Oak Ridge (where it has been since its creation 13 years ago) to Clinton was diverted to the County Commission Operations Committee on Monday.

Members of the Operations Committee are:  Mark Alderson, John Alley, Robin Biloski, Mike Cox, Scott Gillenwaters, Robert McKamey, John Shuey, and Tracy Wandell.  Addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses (those who have them)  for all commissioners can be found here.

I found it interesting that Judge Murch’s reasoning differed between the News Sentinel story last week and the one in the Oak Ridger yesterday; it seems that one focuses on security concerns, while the other highlights inadequate office space.  The contrast does make me wonder if either one is the real reason, or if it might be a matter of jockeying to put political allies in closer proximity to one another.

In any case, I am opposed to a move that would prove more costly and less convenient to Oak Ridgers, and have contacted those commissioners on the committee with e-mail addresses.

4 thoughts on “Speak Up

  1. I happened to sit in on a couple of Murch’s Courtroom preceedings and there was no real signs of security. It would extremely easy for someone to bring a weapon into the courtroom and fire off six rounds before any help was there for assistance even though the Baliff carries a gun and there are video cameras and it is located in the police station. The police dispatchers is better protected than the Judges courtroom.

    Oak Ridge has made no attempts to offer better protection even though there are all kinds of
    homeland defense money floating around.

    It is apparent at the Anderson County Court House that they are more focused on the protection of its employeesthan Oak Ridge in this area.

  2. MC, is Building Grants where that type of upgrades are to come from. That is how I understand it. From the stories I hear, it is not the amount of personal, rather the lack of metal detectors and size of the space. Beauchamp is really on the ball with keeping the money coming in for these buildings. It makes no sense that he sets up his buddies all in one place so that just one criminal can affect all judges. I do not like what is happening. Seems to me that powers to be would like to see Clinton grow but OR suffer. That is who is going to pay the most, those victims who have to show at the courtrooms. I wonder if this will make prosecutions by OR citizens drop, not that it was up any at all before.

  3. Unbelievable. Reading you two for me is like being in an echo chamber of four years that verbalize any random thought that comes to mind in one long incoherent conservation. I’ve yet to figure out if you do this on purpose to get a reaction or live in a parallel universe of like minded individuals suffering from dementia.

  4. That is fine Anotherthing2. Did I offend you? I find that you mingle with those that think but do not act. That is why we are in the situation we are in today. Netmom wants to be vocal, but you Anotherthing2 demean and in same vocalize your question. Touche. I will no longer post to this blog as you would like Anotherthing2. Congratulations on making enemies, but when you come knocking on my door, you will find it open.

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