Happy Birthday, AtomicTumor!

To celebrate the one-year existence of the first real blog in Oak Ridge (at least that I know of), the folks at AtomicTumor.com put together a bit of a bash yesterday afternoon.

So, what do bloggers do when they get together? Sit around and geek at each other?

Something like that, I guess. Only it involved a whole lot of food, a little beer, some grease paint, fire, sand, and other stuff. The only one who brought a laptop was Hubby… who neither posts nor comments.

Thanks to Daco and Mrs. Daco for offering their lovely home for the festivities; Daco has a fabulous place for a party with kids — sandbox, a great view, and the biggest swing I’ve ever seen. There was much speculation as to how he managed to get the ropes over the branch of that Oak tree, with the most creative being a modified potato gun theory.

Delta has already put in a request for one of LissaKay‘s recipes, and the cheesecake was fabulous — I think that was djuggler‘s contribution. Nope, AT just corrected me: it was Mrs. Mr.Orange.
jugglerWe had a great time, and it’s nice to be able to put faces to the various personalities.

We’re real people with strong opinions, but yesterday’s emphasis was on the real people part.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, AtomicTumor!

  1. And I believe the cheesecake came from Ericka, Evan’s wife. I think Evan holds the crown for having the oldest blog in town, tho. However, he rarely (never?) blogs about O.R., so I’m not going to count him.

  2. I think everyone had a ball. I know that all the kids and I had a blast.
    Thanks to the Atomictumor staff for putting the thing together.

    Thanks to everyone for the great food that they brought.

    And a special thanks to the lovely and patient young ladies that spent all afternoon playing with the younger kids. A job well done.

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