Get up and Move!

Moving over from Blogger to WordPress was more fear of the unknown and fragmented time to work on it than anything, but yesterday, I settled on a proper incentive to make myself finish.

“Doug” sat on my desk all afternoon as a prize waiting to be had when I finish. One pint (plus .9oz) of dark ruby traditional ale, named for the powerful knight Sir James Douglas — also known as the Black Douglas of Scotland — known for the fact that he carried the heart of Robert the Bruce into battle on the Crusades.

Now that’s a dedicated friend: one who will cut out your heart and take it with him as he continues your battle.

I moved him to the refridgerator, because I have technically completed the move. I haven’t opened him yet because I’m still not quite satisfied with the aesthetics of the site, but it’s not even 9 a.m., so I really don’t need to be knocking off pints at this time of day anyway.

I’ll finish a bit of work, dig into the CSS and PHP to see if I can’t make it look and work the way I think it should, and maybe by late afternoon I’ll earn my reward.

Nothing like a little motivation.

4 thoughts on “Get up and Move!

  1. I like the new site. Never to early to knock back a pint or two, well if you don’t want to get anything accomplished for the rest of the day.

  2. I agree. Of course, I’m mighty biased against Blogger (AT2, pay attention).
    NM, to make up for not making that beerfest last weekend, we swung by Earthfare on the way home and got a 6r of Thomas Doublebock, and its some mighty good goodness. Mighty good.
    Yeah, get the css and whatnot tweaked. You really won’t have to mess much with the PHP, unless you have some functions in mind. If it helps, I can send you some of my php files to show you have I’ve modified, but I doubt you’d need em. You’re a smart lass.
    Word of advice: Options>General>Weblog title. Need to throw something there. Can’t let the blue bar go wanting!

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