Pandemic, continued.

It’s been six months since I wrote here, and I just re-read that last entry.  I recall saying I was staying in and avoiding people so that I could safely see my parents; that if my father caught Covid-19, it would kill him.

On December 6th, it did.

One of his home health nurses brought it in, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (though no one told us until the following week).  And although I did go to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house, I wore my mask except when eating.  Little did we know that both Dad and Mom were already infected.  My middle sister also caught it, but she had stayed at their house through the weekend.  I, along with my husband and two of our daughters, were spared.

Hubby and I drove to middle TN to get vaccinated at the end of January and the end of February, as soon as we were able.  Anderson County was slower to progress through the phases, so we didn’t wait.  I’m grateful to White County for their generosity and efficiency.

Now, past mid-April when everyone 18 and older is eligible, many Tennesseans still aren’t getting the vaccine.  I don’t understand… I really don’t.  But over the years I’ve donated gallons of blood, because 20 minutes of my time might save someone’s life.  I’m willing to wear a mask and get a shot, if someone else doesn’t have to lose a parent, a spouse, a child, or a friend.

Yeah, that second shot was a doozy, but if I spared anyone the pain of that loss, it’s worth it.  Not to mention retaining my full lung function so I can continue to scuba dive, but that’s secondary to burying someone.  Even someone I don’t know.

KnoxNews reports that “white, rural Republicans are the greatest roadblock to vaccinations.”  I simply don’t understand why.

You can save your own life, and protect your loved ones and neighbors, with a simple shot that doesn’t hurt at all.  **Disclosure:  you might feel like crap for 24 hours after the second dose, but still… what’s 24 hours to save lives?

If you won’t wear a mask and won’t get a vaccine, I’m sorry, but please stay away from me.  I don’t want to talk to people who are willing for others to die for their personal comfort.