Hometown Stew

A week or so ago, the news broke that a former losing candidate for State Rep has filed a recall petition against our Mayor, Tom Beehan.

Mr. Moseley is upset about several things, but those he mentioned were the 5-2 Council vote in July to opt out of the State’s new law permitting handgun carry permit holders to carry in parks — state parks, city parks, etc.  But, the law allows local governments to opt out.  Ours did.   The other hot-button issue was the City’s relatively recent (though before the most recent election) decision to use cameras for traffic enforcement  There are four areas now where you must obey the speed limit, and two where you have to also stop for red lights, or you’ll receive a camera-generated ticket.

Sheesh, the nerve of City Council expecting us to actually obey the law.

Jake had a good writeup over at Jakandybennu, so absorb that to get the full flavor.

Today, I learned that Moseley’s house is on the market.  Reportedly, he’s purchased property and is planning to build a new house off in the far reaches of the county, up by the Union County line.

So, if the guy’s bailing on the City anyway, why bother initiating a recall on our Mayor?  Particularly since he led the ballot in the election we just had in June?

Hate to say it (again), but it sure looks like a ploy just to get his name in the newspaper… and maybe a list of names and addresses to mine for fundraising purposes next year.

Though perhaps uncharitable, my first thought was, “don’t let the door hit you…”