Shocking Pink

Not sure what prompted this, but Alpha dyed her hair shocking pink today.

Half of it anyway — the underneath half.

But, what can I say? She’s an honors student who’s on track to graduate with two degrees in four years; she finished her last final on a Tuesday and went to work at Y-12 on Wednesday to earn enough to buy the new laptop she’s been coveting (yes, Joel, it’s a Mac). She’s leaving next Monday for a Summer-long research internship at UGA.

At least she hasn’t pierced anything… hair grows out, or can be dyed back to its original color.

Besides, if the ORNL Director can sport an earring, then surely this little computer science/math guru can get away with pink hair. I’d dearly love to be in the audience when she presents her research at the end of the summer, but somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if she fits right in.

Wow — it seems like just yesterday that I handed her her high school diploma, but it’s been two years.

Time flies.